23 октобра, 2020

Scholarships without any commitment? Oh yes, it’s possible.


Scholarships without job commitment at Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid IT Solutions supports students and gives out scholarships without any commitment until they finish their studies, under one condition – to successfully complete our internship program.

Student scholarships usually imply a contractual commitment of the scholarship recipients that after finishing college they are obligated to work for a defined period of time for the company, which is the scholarship issuer, even to work part time during their studies. It is a two-way street, give and take, and that is completely ok, after all it is a matter of choice.

Considering that with expert and educated programmers everyone benefits, we want to leave the option for students to, even as juniors, freely choose who they want to work for after they finish college. That is why we decided to introduce student scholarships without any commitment from their side, except that, of course, they continue their studies.

What are the requirements for gaining the scholarship?

Students of final years of Faculty of Technical Science and Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, departments connected to computer engineering, who finish their internship at our company and receive positive reviews from their mentors, get a monthly scholarship until they finish their studies or until they find employment.

This kind of scholarship carries no commitment towards the company Hybrid IT Solutions, the students do not have to come to our offices, they do not receive any work assignments, nor do they have an obligation to work for us after they finish college. We simply want to help students who we believe deserve it, to motivate them and give some extra spending money 🙂

Not only that but since scholarship recipients are considered a part of the team, they are always invited to attend our team building activities.

How are candidates evaluated?

Candidates that finish our internship program are evaluated after each finished phase in the scholarship selection process. They are evaluated for:

Internship (demonstrated knowledge, proactivity and assignment commitment)

Use case (of which code review is done)

A general impression of the mentor about the candidate during the course of the internship

By applying for the internship students are also entered in the scholarship selection process. You can read all details about the internships here.

To apply for an internship send your CV to

We are always here for students

Students are always welcome to visit us in our offices, especially if they have specific questions relating to our profession.