Quality Assurance

Give your users the slickest experience possible, free from bugs and glitches. We realize that mistakes happen, and our top-notch QA specialists are here to fix them in a flash. In case of any problems, our team in The Netherlands can be with you within hours.

How it works

Our QA engineers take care of the overall quality of the software and are involved in the product development process from the very beginning by collaborating closely with the developers.
They will check if functionalities implemented by the developers are correct and if they meet the criteria, also they are dealing with the quality of the entire software as well as the quality of UX.
QA will improve the quality of your software, align duties within the team, and save your good reputation by improving the customer experience.
We are practicing QA via analysis, verifying project requirements, writing test cases, manual testing (exploratory tests, system integration tests, regression tests), and test automation.

Technologies we use:

Quality Assurance