Transparency. Always. We believe in strong relationships with our clients and among our team members. That’s why we nurture transparency, open communication and trust.

our story

How we became who we are

The main idea at the earliest stages of Hybrid IT’s formation was to create custom software that will skyrocket Dutch businesses. Armed with knowledge about the Dutch market and the abundance of talent in Serbia, the founders of Hybrid IT began assembling a team.

It was apparent from the get-go that the Dutch and Serbian cultures and ways of working were a great match. The company’s reputation saw a huge increase due to the careful selection of the most skilled individuals from both countries. As time passed, all Hybrid professionals came to know The Netherlands as if it was their own home country. Because of their regular visits to Dutch clients, they know where to go, to eat, to do sports, and enjoy some bitterballen and Heineken.

If we’re not traveling, then we’re playing pool or darts in our office in between tasks. The main reason things get done so efficiently here is that everyone’s encouraged to work when and how they feel the most productive. So, we base our schedules on flexible working hours and comfortable furniture and office setting.

Prioritizing our team’s satisfaction allows us to deliver what we promise, and our clients respond with their trust. The majority of our clients find us via referrals.
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Mission & values

Where are we going?

Simply - we are moving towards success.

Our mission is to be a successful outsourcing company that is able to absorb all earthquakes and provide stability to stakeholders.
Value 1
Regarding our work, clients, ourselves, and the community. We are empowered to take ownership of our work, our decisions, and our actions. We are all individually accountable for the quality of the final product, even though we work in a team.
Value 2
Because it gives us freedom, autonomy, and flexibility in our everyday job. Trust allows us the opportunity to work from home, organize our own workday, and set the right priorities. We participate in building a transparent organizational culture together. Our freedom comes from mutual trust, and that trust is a result of responsibility and accountability.
Value 3
Quality requires expertise. We stick to doing what we are best at. Because of our knowledge and experience, the service we provide our clients meets the highest standards.
Value 4
We are all different and we stay true to who we are. An alternative point of view can sometimes be the difference between failure and success. We need all the individuality, integrity, and authenticity that comes with every team member to make a dynamic and flexible environment, ready to adopt creativity at its best.
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Djordje Ivkovic
Managing Director
Experienced Software Developer and a visionary who successfully leads a team of creative professionals.

Dedicated to fulfilling clients’ needs and keeping his team happy.
Aleksandra Narancic
Head of HR
Industrial psychologist, proficient in both internal and external HR processes, with many years of experience in the IT industry. A proactive, ambitious, dedicated and empathetic leader. Always here to take care of every employee.