Trading platform for short term electricity trades

ETPA is a trading platform for short term electricity trades, with a focus on the trade participant’s capacity. Participants can optimize their energy portfolio through short-term trades.

Software Development
Tools used
Axon Framework
Spring Core
Spring Boot
Mongo DB
MAria DB

The Challenge

ETPA enables these participants to exploit the flexibility in their production processes.
ETPA facilitates participants with the means to trade for themselves or through a third party on an accessible platform.
Trading on the ETPA trade platform creates certainty within the company on vital conditions such as the agreed upon price, period and delivery.

During the project, we were included into ETPA developer team helping them building new functionalities in energy trading platform using Scrum methodology. Our developers worked all across the platform, developing both frontend and backend functionalities related to auction trading, connecting to third party payment platforms, trading “green energy” certificates etc.

The team:
In the first stage of the project we had 3 developers assigned to ETPA developers team, afterwards, the team was extended to 4 developers.
Our responsibilities included involvement in solution design, as well as development of required functionalities. Other activities included code reviews, functionality improvements, bug fixes and discussing approaches for solving business requirements with team members.