18 јула, 2020

Internship program and needed requirements


Why specifically choose our internship?

We have 78% seniors in our company, and they are ready to help.

Hybrid IT Solutions is a Serbian-Dutch software company founded in 2017. The development center in Novi Sad employs top tier programmers who acquired their experience on a multitude of projects and in various industries and who understand the importance of a good mentor. Until now we have had 6 series of successful internship programs, and some of our interns are already employed.


Hybrid student internship is designed as a simulation of work on a real project, using agile methodologies and it allows the interns to advance the knowledge they acquired during their studies. Internships last for 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the chosen program. Students can decide on one of the two programs:

Individual internship (3 weeks)

The program entails independent work by the student with help from two mentors, working on the development of a simple application using the technologies, methodologies and tools most commonly used on real projects. Mentors are available to provide explanations of the covered topics, both from the theoretical and practical point of view. Students can apply for individual internships throughout the year.

Team internship (4 weeks)

The program involves forming a team of 6 students, consisting of two Backend developers, two Frontend developers and two QA developers, all of which will work together on application development using the Scrum framework.
Students work with help from 6 mentors acting as the client who ordered the software, but also help out and explain the proper use of the technologies, methods and tools considered for the application development.

The goal of this internship is that students, who have already independently improved the knowledge acquired during their studies, get a taste of the real-world development process and cooperation with all parts of the team. This will allow them to make the most of the mandatory internship to better prepare them for future employment. The internships are planned to take place in May and September which means the students should apply for this program between 25th of March and 10th of August.

The product that is developed during the internship is started from scratch and Hybrid IT Solutions will not use it in any way after the internship is over.

Internship requirements


In order to follow the internship program, students should be familiar with the following technologies: Git, Maven, Spring Core, Spring WebMVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySql. For individual internships basic understanding of the mentioned technologies is required in order to be able to use them with the help of the mentors. For team internships it is expected from interns to be able to use most of the aforementioned technologies independently, while the mentors will help them acquire knowledge about advanced functionalities as well as examples from the industry.


Requirement for applying for a frontend internship is the basic knowledge of the following technologies: coreES6, basic knowledge of Angular (Angular router, reactive forms, http), HTML, CSS, basic understanding of Git. The work is done on developing an application using Node.js (Nest.js), Angular 8, Git, Electron, YouTube API.


To get involved in a QA internship, it is needed to know basics of object oriented programming, basics of at least one programming language and have developed analytical thinking.

QA internship program covers:

Manual part

Test link – testing management tool

Writing of test scenarios

Postman – API testing


Frontend: Selenium Web Driver

API: RestAssured

To apply for internship programs it is needed to send your CV to with a subject indicating which type of internship you are applying for.


No commitment towards the company Hybrid IT Solutions

There is only one requirement for applying for a scholarship – that the student successfully completed the Backend or Frontend internship program in our company. After a successful internship completion, students who are interested will receive a Use Case with limited, but a real deadline. The best projects, as evaluated by the mentors who will do a code review, are going to receive the scholarships.